• This balm is absolutely amazing!! It works miracles on my eczema and dry skin. Let's not forget the lips! Not only does it make your skin feel great but your lips will love you for it! Works great on my daughter's skin and lips as well. A must buy!  -Melissa T.


  • The BEST hand cream to keep frequently washed hands from drying out in the winter! -Dawn N. 


  • Bought three for Christmas gifts and people loved them! -Dana N.


  • Wow, this stuff is amazing! I'm gonna be honest, when Amanda started selling this stuff, I wasn't a believer. I wasn't a believer in the essential oil with the balm. Let me tell you though, this stuff is AMAZING! I use it for everything! I felt a fever blister coming up and started putting the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus on it, because, why the heck not?! Well, it turned me into an avid user. I put this stuff on and my fever blister never came up or broke the skin. I recommend this for any and everything! It really does heal and it really is amazing! -Patrick B.