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Organic Calendula Flowers - They are one of my most powerful ingredients

So some of you may have heard of organic Calendula, organic Calendula flowers, and/or organic Calendula oil? Well, if you haven't, organic Calendula flowers have super healing powers! When I was researching what ingredients to use in our Healing Body Balm, I noticed that many other all natural and organic products contained organic calendula. All of these other products contain organic calendula flowers because like I said earlier, organic Calendula, is one of the most powerful, healing, and anti-inflammatory herb on the planet!  You probably see Calendula flowers everywhere and you just don't know it! Calendula flowers are actually commonly known as marigolds! There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that organic calendula flowers are anti-inflammatory and antiviral. Organic Calendula...

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Local SC Business - Jocassee Trading CO - How we got here

There are so many times I think to myself, "How am I so lucky to have ended up here in the Upstate of South Carolina?" Furthermore, "How am I so fortunate to have a wonderful husband and 2 healthy kids?"  I am so grateful for everything in life, but let's back up to the Spring of 2006.  In the Spring of 2006, I was to graduate Ohio University in Athens, OH with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. At this time I was single and pretty much, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. I had 2 weeks left before graduation and I met Greg Dodge. He also went to OU and we hit it...

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