Hey Everyone! Today I want to talk about how much I value the quality of the ingredients that I use in our HEALING BODY BALM. Seven years ago when I became pregnant with our son, it really "kick-started" my urge to live a more healthy lifestyle. I quickly started to eat organic and all natural - as much as I could!  I kind of went a good way! I switched over to all natural everything...cosmetic products, soap, cleaning products, etc! It was really important to me that I was healthy so that my baby was healthy! So....when I decided to start making my own diaper rash balm I knew I wanted the best, most effective, all natural ingredients I could find.  I have learned A LOT about different herbs, flowers, and oils. I have learned a lot about all of their AMAZING medicinal properties! But I am still learning and researching to be able to make our HEALING BODY BALM the most effective it can be! So with that being said, I want to share with you why I chose OLIVE OIL to be one of the main ingredients in our HEALING BODY BALM. 

Olive oil provides many healthy benefits for our bodies, whether you are ingesting it or using it topically on your skin - it is so good for you! First of all, olive oil contains large amounts of antioxidants which fight inflammation. This is super important when you want to heal a part of your body! It is also loaded with VITAMIN E and VITAMIN K. VITAMIN E helps to fight free radicals that damage skin cells; therefore, reducing the appearance of scars (new scars)  and sun spots. VITAMIN E also works great at moisturizing and softening skin.  

Not only is Olive Oil an anti-inflammatory, it contains anti-bacterial properties. Also, very important when you want to heal a minor cut, scrape or burn!  This means that olive oil contains nutrients that inhibit or kill harmful bacteria. So the combination of; VITAMIN E, ANTIOXIDANTS, and ANTI-BACTERIAL properties, is why I have chosen Olive Oil to be our main carrier oil in our HEALING BODY BALM. Stay tuned to learn about more of our amazing ingredients!