We are excited to announce our NEW Addition to our Mom and Baby Line - HEALING NIPPLE BALM for breastfeeding mamas! 

Our HEALING NIPPLE BALM is designed to help protect, moisturize and heal your breasts throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Being pregnant and giving birth to your baby has to be one of the most beautiful experiences in life, but sometimes those experiences of can be painful and put your body to the test - and breastfeeding is no exception. 

We understand how challenging and painful breastfeeding can be during the first few weeks after your baby is born. That is why we created our HEALING NIPPLE BALM to help ease the pain by keeping the your sensitive skin moisturized. By keeping your skin moisturized, this will help to prevent drying and cracking. 

We use only all natural and organic ingredients that are safe and non-toxic for babies - so you don't have to worry about washing off the balm before feeding. We recommend applying our HEALING NIPPLE BALM in between feedings, after feedings, or as needed. Even if your nipples become dry and cracked, our special blend of organic calendula oil, organic chamomile flowers and organic marshmallow root works wonders at helping to soothe and heal your dry cracked skin.  

Congratulations on your new baby and please contact us if you have any questions! Remember, even though breastfeeding can be challenging for some moms and babies - trust me - once you get through those first weeks - breastfeeding will become the most special, enjoyable, bonding experience between you and your baby!  

You can visit our website, email, or call! We are here to help! 

Best of luck,