CASSEE - Our Company Mascot

Meet CASSEE! She is our 7 month old official company mascot! So you all know by now that our family is obsessed with Lake Jocassee. So much so that we named our company and our DOG after it! I know - so cheesey!

We got Cassee soon after Christmas last year. We were lucky - my mom, actually bred her dog Daisy and had puppies! Daisy is Cassee's mom. Daisy had 10 puppies!!! So during Christmas we went to visit my mom and dad who live in St. Augustine, FL. And let me tell was sooooo hard to pick from all 10 puppies~!  But after a few days of loving on all of the puppies we chose Cassee! She has a wonderful temperament and so laid back! Her breed is (half Newfoundland/ half Great Pyrenees) I swear, one day it will be an official breed! 

We have BIG plans for Cassee, not only is she our official mascot, we plan on training her to be a therapy dog! We have big plans for her! So stay tuned!