Organic Calendula Flowers - They are one of my most powerful ingredients

So some of you may have heard of organic Calendula, organic Calendula flowers, and/or organic Calendula oil? Well, if you haven't, organic Calendula flowers have super healing powers! When I was researching what ingredients to use in our Healing Body Balm, I noticed that many other all natural and organic products contained organic calendula. All of these other products contain organic calendula flowers because like I said earlier, organic Calendula, is one of the most powerful, healing, and anti-inflammatory herb on the planet! 

You probably see Calendula flowers everywhere and you just don't know it! Calendula flowers are actually commonly known as marigolds! There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that organic calendula flowers are anti-inflammatory and antiviral. Organic Calendula flowers have been used for ages to make medicine. Organic Calendula flowers are also used to treat many skin conditions including; acne, psoriasis, diaper rash, eczema, and to repair wounds. AND this is why I made sure to use organic Calendula flowers as one of my main ingredients in our Healing Body Balm!